The Great Job Exchange

Beating the economy with a binary stick

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We all know the ecomony is a giant, black pit from which we cannot currently escape. Many of our friends, SO's and family are hunting for that perfect job. Well, we've seen a million posts on our friends lists as the employed folk mention an opening at their workplace, but very few respond to these posts. Why? Because their friends may not live locally, or want to relocate. But ya know what? SOMEONE on LJ will want that job.

Who should join:
- People wanting national (and international?) job openings to pop up daily on their friends lists.
- People who often have openings and want to lend a hand to their journaling brethren/sisteren (yes, it's a word).
- People wanting to relocate and hoping to snag a nifty opening in a nifty town.

People who should post:
- ONLY job OPENINGS should be posted here. Not requests for jobs. That's why, for now, postings are moderated. But, you don't have to join to post!
- People who know of very cool employers who are hiring.

What to post:
- Try to post as many details as you can. Location is a MUST and should go in the title. Job Title is also key for the entry. From there, just some method of contact is needed. It can be your work email, or the HR email/phone, or if you want to be contacted privately, you can always friends-only lock the post.

Successful stories of job match-ups are welcome, and will be posted on a separate website once we get some stories rolling in.

Why did I start this? Because I got a job this week, that I HATE, but I know a lot of other people would adore, but I didn't know how to get the info out! I can't imagine I'm the only LJer out there with knowledge of some open, and very groovy jobs.

Good luck, everyone! We'll beat the crud out of this crappy job market yet!